The Balance

When I speak of balance my friend I am talking about a woman who is in the process of balancing being a woman of God as well as a woman of recovery. Now I am told to put my recovery first, then in the spirit I am told to put God first. Well, well, well!!!!! So this is how I see it God comes first, I serve no other Gods but the true and living God…. when it comes to worship, however, in the natural my recovery must come first. So yes, God and my recovery comes first. These are two totally different dimensions, yes?

With my whole heart God is the only God I call Him Jesus….I worship and serve only Him….No one and nothing else is to be compared to Him…..In the morning when I wake it is He who wakes me, talks with me and walks with me….He strengthens  me to walk in my recovery! He keeps me clean. With my will and life turned over to God, He helps me to recover one day at a time just for today!!!!!
When we say that we go to any lengths to stay clean, we mean that just like we walked rain, sleet, snow, and hail to get one more, than we do just the same to get to a meeting. We reached out to whoever was available to find the best dope, and we must with the same fervor reach out to another recovering addict and call before and not after we use. We get numbers and we use them, we go to meetings, we listen, we help, we identify and don’t compare. We read, write and get a sponsor, we use our sponsor…..We stay clean. We pray, we get a God of our own understanding. Mine is Jesus!
Same as should be in the body of Christ! We live clean from sin, we pray, we strive to stay holy. We fellowship with other like minded saints. We suppose to identify and not compare. We read, we write, we listen to the man of woman of God and we grow in the things of God…..We become of service in the rooms and in church…..We pray for each other, we help, we minister Jesus, we give back what was so freely given to us…
Now in the rooms they may think I do to much for Christ as in church they may think I do to much for recovering addicts idk. All i do know is there is no God without recovery for me, and there is not recovery without God……

Author: queenbutterfly1

Woman of purpose, love, and inspiration. In the city of Cleveland, Ohio where I was born and raised by my mother Diane Reid and a loving dad who wasn't always there Roy Scott Lockett. An powerful intercessor and prophet of God who love to minister in song, word, and deed.

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