My Life Is Not My Own, Living To Worship!

As I listen to the words of  William McDowell song and allow it to get into not just my ears, but allow it to fall into my spirit as I worship the Lord. Worship is not just something I could do because I was told, but when I begin to spend more and more time with God I fell in love with the God that I worship. As he loves on me and cares for me even after all that I have been through it prompts me to worship. It was a time when I could only worship if some mellow soft worship music was playing, but when you really fall in love with the Lord you can worship him in traffic, when the world is in kaos you can find a quiet place in you and begin to worship the Lord. I go to school and I tell you that I choose a time during my class to step away to give myself to him in worship. Worship is not on a time limit or a special format. For me my whole lifestyle is worship. Holy living, doing the next right thing that pleases God and if and when I fall short I repent and worship him because I know in his faithfullness he has forgiven and is starting the process to help me in the area I struggle in. That is what I love about the Lord, that no matter what I struggle in I can turn it over to him and in his grace and mercy He will cleanse me and turn me around and deal with me in the area I need it in. No condemnation, no blame game just unconditioanl love and serenity. God’s goodness leads me to worship, His mighty acts, His awesomeness, His healing power, His creativeness, His restoration and reconciliation. He is a great God. All things are working together for my good therefore I dont have to waste time on worry and fears but on worship, praise and Loving God. Worship for us as christians is walking in love and obedience. God is a keeper and a great teacher. If we dont know how He will help us, teach us how to love. Especially when we’ve been hurt, abused and abandoned. That leads me to worship Him My God will come and heal every broken place in me, bind up all of my wounds and pour in the oil and the wine, there is a balm in gilead. Amen and amen. So I rejoice today in the fact that I can worship the true and living God. Many dont know about Him, they are worshipping different things, people, and nature. But God created them all. Why worship things when you can worship the one who made everything and everybody….  My life is not my own, I, you have been bought with a price. Submit under the mighty hand of God and in due season He will exalt you if you faint not..


Be encouraged and Live To Worship!


Author: queenbutterfly1

Woman of purpose, love, and inspiration. In the city of Cleveland, Ohio where I was born and raised by my mother Diane Reid and a loving dad who wasn't always there Roy Scott Lockett. An powerful intercessor and prophet of God who love to minister in song, word, and deed.

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