My Worship Is Real

In the beginning I worshipped the best way that I could, but as time as gone on in my relationship in and with God, Worship, real worship was birthed in me. I can truly say that I had not a clue how to worship God. I believe He accepted it because I did it with all of my heart. But I believe that worship is birthed out of trials and situation. Now I understand when the older saints say I have learned to worship the Lord. In my life my pain birthed in me worship, because I learned how to worship him in pain, hurt and trauma. I seen and experienced God being my Jehovah Jirah when I was hungry, homeless and without a dime. I experienced God being my Jehovah-Raphan when he healed my broken heart, and mended all of my wounds, when he dried up cancer in my womb. I experienced God Being el shaddi, elohim. In my pain and discomfort I seen God come in and comfort me, whisper in my ear that he was with me and is with me.  When I lost my children and no one was there I experienced God loving me when I was unlovable and strung out on dope. He resued me, He became my Jehovah-Nissi, my Jehovah Shaloam. I remember crying out in the midnight hour of my life and God telling me to rest in him, He told me that if I forsook all I was doing that he would take me back and clean me up.  He came into the crack house, like Hosea with Homer, I went whoring and God came and found me no matter where I was and He purchased me with His blood. I know from experience that while I was yet in my sins he died for me and saved me. He delivered me from all of my fears, torments and wickedness. I’ve been through to much not to worship him. But it was in my pain, torment and trauma that I learned and became acquainted with the God that loves me unconditionally. That’s why I do what I do, That’s why I live like I live, because of the grace and mercy of God. I take not credit because if it had not been for the Lord who was on my side I know where I would be, In the crack house, in the bedroom, on the corner, in the bottle, on dope…… Gloryy to God. I get joy when I think about what He has done for me.  I will tell the world about the man who came and saved me. Cleaned me, delivered me, healed me, washed me, turned me around and set my feet on a solid ground. That is why I worship because of who he is to me in my life.  He is my healer, deliverer, my rock, my hiding place, my refuge. I know him forreal He is my strength, my lover, friend, God, Lord, Peace, Joy.  I know my redeemer lives and he lives in me.. He saved me, sanctified me and filled me with the precious gift of the holy ghost.  It is in Him I move live and have my being.  My worship, My worship is forreal….

Why do you worshiop?


Author: queenbutterfly1

Woman of purpose, love, and inspiration. In the city of Cleveland, Ohio where I was born and raised by my mother Diane Reid and a loving dad who wasn't always there Roy Scott Lockett. An powerful intercessor and prophet of God who love to minister in song, word, and deed.

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