Worshipping Through The Pain

In my experience I have learned to worship God through the feelings of pain. My Bishop Anthony Dixon would minister to us to worship God instead of worrying. The bible tells us that God already knows what we have need of before we even ask. God can hear us afar off. Before we even part our lips. I have learned that worrying about something that I am powerless to change does not change anything. It only for me makes the situation worse, because somewhere in there I begin to doubt God and think that I can help him solve my problem. Today I choose to live by the word of God that tells me that all I have to do is seek the kingdom of God and all that I need will be provided for me. I don’t have to whine, cry or have a temper tantrum but only believe what the word of God tells me. In order to do that I must read, meditate and pray (speak) the word out of my mouth with faith. God is more than able. I believe that God is not as concerned with the little material finite things that we worry about. God is more concerned about a relationship with us. Worship is one of the many ways that I fellowship with God, I love to worship God. Everybody have a different way that they worship the Lord and I am not here to teach or condemn nobodys way. Only to share with you how I love to worship and how it benefits me.  I learned in my recovery family to keep the focus on myself, not judging anyone else for anything.

I love to worship the Lord in song, singing of his majesty, goodness. I love to worship with the fruit of my lips telling him how much I love and adore him. I pray in the spirit connecting to the spirit of God and He begins to show me His glory. He is delighted with the way I worship him. I am honest with him in my time with him about how I feel and he comforts me with his presence and kind loving words of encouragment. I dont spend alot of time asking in my worship time I love to just sing, and tell him I love him.

Now praise has led me into worship. I love that to. Shouting when I feel uncomfortable, telling him thankful and showing gratitude inspite of what I am going through summons the presence of the Lord almost immediately to my side to lift up all heavy burdens, and destroy any yoke that the enemy has tried to place on my neck.  I thank God for his presence because when the glory of the Lord shows up everything that is not like God has to loose me and let me go.  We need the glory of the Lord, the anointing, for it is the anointing of  God that destroys the yoke.

So in your time of pain, I would suggestion and encourage that you go into worship. Praising God in your presence and watch God move in. He may or may not change the situation the way you want him to, but I know that He will comfort, encourage and love you in and through it. Right now I am in pain, I am going to worship God, praise him for this is what I do, This is who He created me to be and who I am.  Praise is what I do! I am a child, you are a child of God and you are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus!


So as my Bishop T says, Why worry when you can worship ❤


Author: queenbutterfly1

Woman of purpose, love, and inspiration. In the city of Cleveland, Ohio where I was born and raised by my mother Diane Reid and a loving dad who wasn't always there Roy Scott Lockett. An powerful intercessor and prophet of God who love to minister in song, word, and deed.

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