The Power Of Worship

I love to worship the Lord. A secret place, a quiet place for me and the Lord to commune. I worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. I seek him, with my heart, mind, and spirit. I love him, I love on him. I whisper sweet somethings to the King of King and The Lord of Lord. I tell him how I adore Him, how I need Him. I get in that secret place and I dwell there. And as Psalm 91 says if I do that, that I shall abide up under the shadow of the almighty and he keeps me safe from harm. Oh Yes there is power in worship. For that is what God created me for. It aint deep, its not just what I do, but it is who I am. In my worship I feel the presence of the Lord, He speaks with me, comforts me and I feel safe. In worship he rejuvenates me and lifts me up. In worship He fills me and heals me In my worship I learn who He is, what He is and How he is, and I found Him to be gentle, loving, gracious and mine. Yes mine, my love, my hope, my peace and my friend…..

You may thought I was going to get all deep and profound, no there is a side of worship that is gentle and simple. Simply tell him in your worship time you love him, you need him, that you adore him. He will be that and more. if your would only

Worship Him
The Power of Worship


Author: queenbutterfly1

Woman of purpose, love, and inspiration. In the city of Cleveland, Ohio where I was born and raised by my mother Diane Reid and a loving dad who wasn't always there Roy Scott Lockett. An powerful intercessor and prophet of God who love to minister in song, word, and deed.

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