Ministry For You!


This blog is an extension of the ministry God has placed in my heart to help women to overcome barriers, such as recovery from drugs/alcohol, diversities of abuse, and a life of inward pain and acceptance. I am a woman of purpose who too knows and understands what it is to need help in these area, still in the process. However, I believe that we can only keep what we have by freely giving it away. This is my heart that I live well and please God. I want to share this heart beat with those around me and help them to see that through God all things are possible, that without Him we can do absolutely nothing.

As you read my story, experience, strength, and hope, my prayer is that you will begin to see that you can indeed do all things through Christ who is your strength. I will touch on some painful areas as well as some that will make you smile, maybe even laugh. Grow butterfly, learn, and grow. Let your guards down and realize that there is life in you, all you have to do is begin to retrain your focus and turn your thoughts to the one who is able to keep you. There is no shame in my love for Christ, however, I want this to be a place of healing for all who might visit this blog……

This is the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Pamella TheEncourager Reid who finally understands that she is a Queen Butterfly…….Shaloam.


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